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Today's lunch

Because it's much too hot to walk all the way to the grocery store, here's what I did with a few of the non-fresh foods around the house:

First, I looked at a box of macaroni spirals & cheese that was on sale recently to see how many cups of water were recommended. After getting a pot of water nice and bubbling on the stove, dumped in the spirals and cooked for some time approximating the time recommended on the box. Drained. Instead of adding the suggestions listed in the package directions, I dumped in:

the packet of pretty orange cheese sauce mix (naturally)

a small pile of dry nonfat milk

all the leftover drops of olive oil that could be convinced to come out of four bottles I'd been meaning to remove from the pantry eventually

one biiiig can of Italian-style diced tomatoes (oregano, basil & garlic flavored... mmm)

half a can of chicken

everything that was left of a bag of mostly-eaten frozen mustard greens

and then heated everything at a low level for a while so the greens would warm up a bit.

Because I've just remembered that there are some fresh mushrooms in the fridge, I'm going to slice up a few of those and add them in when it's time for leftovers. Also considered for inclusion: canned chickpeas and canned olives if I can find where either of those are hiding.
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